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it is that day.
the day that i thought was for other people... just not me.
like i would stay in my thirties forever or something.

i took this yesterday... on my last day of being a thirty something.
silly but... i did.

i get to turn the page.
join the club.
i get to be one of those "fabulous forties".

i have to say...
i got my brows waxed yesterday...
funny how something SO simple can make you feel so good.
it sure does though.
had my feet & hands dipped in paraffin too.
i wanted to be prepared.
feel good.

now let's not mention the fact that i woke up with the breakout face of a teenager.
i mean the "what... where in the world did all these come from" kind.
are the hormones already setting in... sheesh!

do i think today will be that different than yesterday?
flipping the page to forty and all?
no not really but...
i expect it to be part of the adventure...
more to add to the whole story.

more fun.
more to learn.
more "oh gosh i shouldn't have done that"
more "i am glad i did that"
more to discover.
more ways to give.
more growing.
more to live.

and speaking of living...
here's to today...
and making it fabulous...
what do you say?