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team-up thursday

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{ before }

what a neat theme for this week!
i will admit it threw me for a loop at first.
i thought "what in the world will i do".
and then "befores" started jumping out at me.
kind of a neat thing to think about.

i sure love what jenn captured this week.
the before stages of their yummy pasta dinner!
great idea... great eye jenn.
i bet the after was delish!

and the before of our daffodils.
i find bulbs so interesting...
so neat all their own.
unassuming little things... with such surprise inside.

and looky there...
there is a "before" right in front of us...
the day ahead!
i think it's going to be a goody... yep... deciding that before i step out the door.
what do you say?