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a bit of our weekend

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i am feeling much better now... thank you!
it feels good to know there are others out there who understand...
it REALLY does.

been really busy... which helps... and there is just no time left for a pity party.
way too much to do... tackle... and...
all the good... just out weighs the rest.
besides... this is my favorite month of the year... i am not going to spoil it!

some of the good over the last week...

the fun snow that fell over the weekend.
the girls continue to be in awe of the whole thing.
the snow thing.
i agree... it is pretty neat!
to get to live in it!

we had a tea too.

i was there... with fancy hat and all... i just had coffee instead.

with a bit of music... chosen by campbell.

we also ran up to the local ski swap.
crazy deals were had!
campbell & todd were able to snatch up new skis... never used.
todd's were listed at over 800. retail... he got them for 70.
can you believe!
that's nuts!
so... i think this means we'll be skiing again this winter!

we also played a bit under our staircase.
since we have a really large storage area elsewhere in the house...
they get to use this space as a little retreat.

over the weekend we decided to add their dress up things to the space.
which we think... makes it even more fun!

added a few "wear it" pieces to the shop over the weekend...

and flying hearts too.
hope to get some new "hang it" pieces in there really soon too.
 my hands are itching...
my mind is swirling... to get in there & create.
and speaking of my mind swirling...
uh... WHERE is november going?

really... truly... making an effort to stop every so often & sit in it!
be... in it.
it... being the gift of today.
right now.
taking the time to ENJOY this crazy & very thankful month under our feet!