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team-up thursday

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{ paper }

oh i love you paper!
especially the old... stained with age... packed with personality... kind!
tangible goodness you can hold in your hands.
and even smell...
oh the smell of vintage paper in a good ol' book!
am i crazy or is there something about that smell?

this week over at team-up thursday the theme was paper.
we decided to jump into those pages!
join in on the fun!
which reminds me...
haven't had much time lately to peek around at all the dips but...
clicking over at flickr... to link up...
my word... all the teams... all their captures... are SO great!
really inspiring!
make sure to jump over to the pool and take a peek!
sure love your team-up thursday melody & megan...
thank you for all the fun!

and jenn... those books look dreamy!
vintage goodness!
i love that red cover peeking out there... saying hi!
i can only imagine the fun paper you have in your studio space!

 we love to write on you...
draw on you...
read you...
create with you...
hold you in our hands!
a simple & yet truly wonderful gift we have in you!