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snow cones

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they couldn't wait to roll around in it!
came right in the door from school & right back out the door.

it was still falling a bit too... teeny tiny... little sprinkles of snow.

they made their first snow angels of the season...
all the while trying to catch as many flakes in their mouths as they could.

 love this picture of campbell.
she was so content... so happy... just being right there in that spot.

when she got up... she said...
"it really is neat how every snowflake is different... 
i mean i always look at them... and they really are all different".
so right she is!
all different... and all so pretty!

i love that she sees that.
notices the wonder... the beauty... the gift of it all. 

 i have got to get some paper cones!
next time maybe we'll add a little flavor!
i sure don't know what it is but... i remember eating the snow too!

this was her asking me to make hot cocoa...
with mini marshmallows...
pleeeeeeeeease mom!
i made myself some hot cider while i was at it... it was COLD out there!

the sun is shining out there today...
which i think is helping the thirty degrees it is currently...
not feel like thirty degrees!
tonight we are looking at twelve degrees.
a fireplace going kind of night!
yes... the cold is here... and yet... we are LOVING it!

what's it looking like in your town?
have you put your coat on yet?
turned off the ac?
made hot cocoa with mini marshmallows?