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we had quite the halloween!
it was so much fun.
i know we ALL enjoyed ourselves.

we laughed a lot!
ate a lot!
were silly a lot!
went to a party at a friends house... laughed more...
and REALLY hard at some great costumes!
and darn it... i forgot to ask them about posting their pics.
i have never felt comfortable posting pics of friends and their kiddos...
unless they know and say it's okay.
i'll just say... wyoming has shown us some really GREAT people!
funnyyyyyy and always so nice!

all i know... the girls have been sooooo excited!
the idea of heading out to gather a bag full of candy...
is enough to bring sheer happiness!

and speaking of that candy...
remember when i said i wait til the last minute to buy it... so i won't eat it?
i still managed to fit in a few mini reeses.
and they were GOOD!

the girls picked out their costumes this year...
knew exactly what they wanted to be!
we got them months ago.
october tends to be a crazy month every year...
that i rarely make their costumes...
and this year was no exception.
maybe next year i'll give it a whirl... MAKE time.
all i know... i sure love their picks this year.
and as much as they dress up... i know we'll be seeing lots of these!

todd & i joined it too.
now just ignore my ridiculous face!
not as cute as he is in those cute eye scenes.
we had great intentions of todd being donkey to match my puss in boots.
we'll just say that the donkey costume... did NOT work.
at all!
so then he became my side kick?
or were we more a zorro pair with a cat face thrown in?
either way... we sure had fun!

the best thing about campbell's costume...
those earrings!
they were her great granmama's baubles... my dear granmama.
she would have flipped!
loved it to pieces!
to think... i am sure she wore those!
in the eighties no doubt!
campbell was so excited to wear them...
and there could not have been a better pair! 

when i saw her & her cute friend putting on lipgloss...
it stopped me in my tracks.
made me pause...
it won't be long before they do that every day... not just for dress up. 
they are growing up so fast!

all the kids had SUCH a great time at the party...
the hosts worked really hard to make it special... and they did!
fun memories of halloween i know they'll always remember!

before heading out they were already digging for their favorites!

her favorite... would be candy corn!

and just like that...
a flip of the calendar...
we walk into november!
parden me as i catch my breath!

i think i am pretty eager & ready!
november after all is the month of all months in my book... my favorite!
the time of year i treasure most!

i'm off to share over at patty's party... one last october fling...
get the candy out of my site...
and get GOING on this first day of november!