brown eyed fox

happy friday...

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well... as much as i wanted to drag my hubby...
who hasn't missed a day of work being sick since i can remember...
out of bed...
so he could move the amoire...
so i could paint it...
i decided to make him chicken noodle soup instead!
he was SICK!
the "really not good" kind!
bless his heart... takes a lot to take him down.
i must have washed my hands a zillion times yesterday!
i will not be getting that darn bug!

i did paint some dots on a few pumpkins.
that's about the only painting that happened though... the day was full.
 the kind of full where it gets to be dinner and you realize you forgot to eat lunch.
your mind was just too busy on other things.

right now... my mind is on the fact that it's FRIDAY!!!!!!
yes... yes... yes!
what a great day it is!
cheers to it... i mean here's to it... see i'm already thinking happy hour!