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random & red

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we had enough DRAMA in the house this morning...
we could have put on our own broadway SHOW!
and i mean there would have been some tony nominations!
it was like all that could go wrong... DID.
oh... i KNOW you know those mornings too.
ya gotta love them!
i suppose you have to have them...
makes me appreciate those smooth sailing mornings more.

then after all the crazy hoopla... finally getting out the door...
i see a lovely hole in lil bit's leggings.
no time for changing... i suppose they'll give her that "hip vintage" vibe for the day!

remember how i mentioned painting the armoire in our bedroom?
the one i got before marriage... oh about... fifteen years ago.
well... i might be totally crazy but... i am going for it.
going RED.
and it's a bold one.
i almost fell back onto doing a creamy white... one i often use but...
i figure it's just paint and "why the heck not".
NOW... tomorrow once it's done i just hope i am not saying...
"WHY the heck did i do RED"!

on another completely random note...
i am COMPLETELY adicted to banana peppers.
i get on this kick every so often.
eat them on just about everything...
really love them in a pita pocket sandwich... with a little laughing cow... yummO!

feeling a little here & there this week.
kind of all over the place.
doing a little of this... bit of that.
it's all GOOD just wish i could focus on one thing longer.
between being a mom & a gal with lovely ADD tendencies... :O)...
that'll never happen!
that's OKAY... still going to embrace the lovely imperfect me :O)!