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good morning.
did you have a relaxing weekend?
did you do any barefoot dancing?  :O)

this might have just been the MOST beautiful weekend EVER!
b e a u t i f u l !
and NO wind...
it was making us think we were not in wyoming anymore!

we wanted to just get out.
and enjoy.
the warmth.
the GIFT!

we also wanted to squeeze in time for costume pics.
halloween... that is.
you just never know how COLD and WINDY it will be on halloween.
last year lil bit's bee crown blew away... gone... literally...
it was a crazy windy one.
so... with the weather SO delish... we jumped at the opportunity.
and the fun!
have any guesses?

then... we just saw what we could see.
we saw some pretty yellow leaves.
some hunters.
of course... cows...
some wild turkeys.
and two girlies in quite silly moods!

i meant to jump on the computer at some point over the weekend...
to answer some of those questions...
i think time got away from me.
so... here are a few... :O)...

Where did you get your skechers tennies?
They look greyish silver in the photo. How fun!
Also wondered if you recall where you purchased your different boxes around the house
(old toolboxes,etc..)
Love your blog and your decorating style!!! 
Thank you in advance for your reply. :)

i am not positive which sketchers... so by all means... let me know but...
99% of the shoes i buy... i buy from ZAPPOS!
their selection... their shipping... their user friendly site... their service... INCREDIBLE.
if by some chance you have not used them... hands down...
i would recommend them for anything!

the boxes... i LOVE them.
i do!
my favorite collection for sure.
i always have my eyes peeled.
the BEST place though... because we live in a VERY unpopulated state...
with not a ton of "finding places"... ETSY!
for sure!
the FIRST place i look... for everything really.
too much goodness there.
too many great people!
i posted before about some of the boxes here too.

Ok, back to the coffee table (the door turned table).
Now that we know the color how about the techinque?
How do you "age" it the way you did.
Love your post.
I enjoy reading them with my morning coffee before the crazyness of the day gets me :)

 i do get this question a lot.
on the aging.
i KNOW this is NOT answering the question but...
i am going to paint the armoire in our master this week...
what if i share the steps then?
and i think i might go crazy & go for red!
soooo torn on what color to do... leaning towards red though!
is that TOO crazy?  :O)

Ready for my question?
Which you maybe answered a long time ago but my memory is going, too...
where did you get your foxes that were by the bathtub in your old house?
{LOL--isn't it a riot how something just sticks in your brain forEVER?!}

aren't those foxes so fun cathy?  :O)
oh... i sure love them!
my sister gave those to me... years ago... maybe two states ago.  :O)
i wonder where she got those?
i think i did ask her at one point...
i'll check again but...
i think she happened upon them in her design work.

I would love to know where you purchased your pillows on your sofa
(if you don't mind).
I am with everyone else . . .
love your style and the ease in which you decorate your home!!!

wow this post!
I need to know if you would be so kind as to let me know
where you got that "89" pillow...
I love it!
Thanks much

let's see...
i have pillows from several etsy shops...
milk & cookies
ruby + stella home
wicked mint
and i love them ALL!
can only say good... great things!

the number pillows!
i posted about them here... on the happy day they arrived.
they're from the FABULOUS shop ReD ShOeS.
the owner... catherine... is an incredible artist...
and has a shop in ann arbor... filled with pure yummola!

I just looked through your 365 shots and they are amazing!
You are a brilliant photographer!
You have a way of capturing those everyday moments with your children - so inspiring!
Not to bombard you with even more questions,
but...what setting do you typically use when shooting indoors?
I have so many blurry shots indoors if I shoot without a flash.
Yours look crisp and perfect. Thanks!

oh gosh... you're TOO nice!
those inside shots.
i struggle with those too.
makes me want that fast new lens even more.  :O)
i have SO much to learn!
so many things to grasp when it comes to photography...
and ALL the creative options!
it is endless!
and yet SO fun!
 i have fun playing in manual...
adjusting shutter speed & aperture but...
often times simply using aperture priority & letting it set the speed is too easy.
inside... depending on light...
just opening it up wider/lower f stop.
often times... i use my prime lenses... since they are the fastest i have.
using it wide open if i must... to get that light IN.
as long as i can get all i want in focus.
try not to crank up the iso but... i will... to not miss something.
i am terrible at explaining.
there are so many factors.
so much to cram into this question.
the one thing i know for certain...
well two...
since i am NO pro...
and can only say what i try...
experiment... experiment... experiment more... just play!
try different settings... see the results they give... and play more!
there is an AMAZING group of talent out there!
they make my jaw drop all the time.
an unlimited amount of inspiration!
i could list oodles... and OODLES of sites.
a few places to peek...
to JUST get a START...
that if by chance you have not peeked yet...
WILL knock your socks off.
shutter sisters
tracey clark
ashley ann photography
angie seaman
the coffee shop blog
tara whitney
daily relish
the pioneer woman
maine momma
i could go on and on... would be thrilled to share more anytime.

here's to embracing TODAY!
throwing those arms out...
and wrapping ourselves around all those lovely possibilities dancing about!