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fox in the dog house

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i have book club this morning.
with a small group of four really great women.
we've been meeting now for a couple months.
i feel so blessed that they let me in.
asked me to join them.
be a part of something that formed long ago.

and right now... i am feeling like a complete loser.
a let down.
big one.
i did not look at my book once.
not once!
i am here admitting it.... so maybe i will get my act together.

i am having a really hard time lately tackling things.
all of it.
there is just so much... at total opposite ends of the spectrum.
i feel like gumby!
a really long... particularly stretchy... one.

even though... there is a lot to do...
i am not being good about prioritizing.
putting what should be at the top of my list... AT the top!
i know better!

when i put things in order...
things will fall into place.
they do.
He says they will... and they always do.

off i go... to face the group.
tail tucked.

and then...
i've got to get some priorities in order!