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hot tea & ice

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the other day...
we went to have lunch at a chinese restaurant in town.
it was quite the hit!
actually a place we have been meaning to try... for oh...
the last year & a half we've been here.
it's not like casper is big... we just had not gotten around to it.

it reminded me so much of when i was a kid.
and just like back then... they too loved the hot tea.
in those fun little tea cups.
poured from those fun teapots.
i think big sis must have had six cups.

we sure enjoyed our time!
sitting & sipping & soaking up the good company.
i can imagine they'll want to go there lots now.

i sure hope when they are my age... they remember it too.
that warm little cup in their hands... the warm in their bellies.

speaking of warm... flipped on the warm fireplace yesterday...
after stepping out on the first dusting of snow.
smiles!  i sure love that it has begun!
call me a silly southern gal but... bring it!
i am all for it!
as i know the girlies are...
they were out passed dark last night... seeing who could make the biggest snowball.

we had a few bursts of hail too.
that was interesting... surprising... loud!
like "please don't crash through the windshield" kind.
isn't it funny... how it won't but... it sure feels like it sure can.

waking up to snow kissed surroundings sure is FUN!
refreshing somehow.
like a little visual "get up & enjoy"!

i suppose i should get up & get out of my ROBE!

here's to it...
sipping... soaking... enjoying... all the goodness of the day!