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he can brush his own teeth now... sort of

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realizing earlier i had not posted since sunday!

i think we've just been in a WHOLE different mode!
a mode that took us all by surprise!

they got dad right into surgery monday... after his office visit.
to mend his left calvicle & right wrist.
it all seemed to move so fast... before we knew it... there he was...
in that funny little gown!

i don't think any of us liked that prep... knowing he was going under.
and i know my dad wasn't liking it...
being that his only surgery was when he was five... for his tonsils.
it is all a bit stressful.
scary... really.
the "going under" part.
we all leaned on our faith.
prayed... believed... he was in the best hands!

they took him back at five thirty and at eight he was done!
thank GOD!
they told us he did great!
that his clavicle had broken in four pieces!
four separate pieces... that had broken off... floating around in there!
no WONDER he was is so much pain... we thought.

we saw him once he was awake yet... still quite loopy!
even though he was still out of it... he was so thankful to be DONE with it!

they kept him overnight...
and he was all too ready to get back to the house yesterday.

it is amazing to ALREADY see an improvement!
he can actually walk and MOVE his left arm without being in agony!
i guess those metal plates & screws really work!  :O)
we've decided though... he sure needs to wear SOMETHING on that arm...
so he doesn't have people do the walk up and "hey man how's it going".
oh... that would not be good!

he felt SO good when we left the hospital...
i suspect the morphine still in his system might have helped a tidge...
that he ran into wallly world with us!
he fit right in... in his slippers!
we wished we would have put him in an "interesting" get up...
get him on that lovely walmartian list.  :O)

the fact that their entire visit to wyoming has been a shock...
much of it a complete bummer...
almost surreal...
a disappointment i know to the hunters...
totally "not what we planned"...
we ARE enjoying our time together!

all i know... i must think it is food free for all too...
i have eaten more candy corn than i'd like to admit!
i'll blame it on all the emotional stress... yes... that's it!

we are enjoying all the "funny ha ha's" that are surfacing too!
like the stick horses waiting for the men at todd's office!
yes... ha ha!  :O)

enjoying the beautiful... warm... not so october like... sunny days!

and... we sure feel loved!
never been offered so many cooked meals in all my life!
thank you all SO much!
every gesture... each one... has been like a dose of "get well fast" love!
oh... and about those meals...
if i ever get bucked off a horse... i'll be calling you!  :O)

with the girls are out of school the rest of the week...
two more nights with nonny & poppy...
it should be a GREAT rest of the week!

sure hoping the sun is shining in your corner too.