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annie on stage

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when we were little we went to see annie.
i remember it so well.
she was SO cute.
i remember thinking she was THE COOLEST girl ever!
we even waited afterwards to get her autograph.

for annie to come to our little town…
we had to take the girlies.

riley COULDN’T WAIT to see sandy… the dog.
by far what she was looking forward to most.

good thing sandy has a couple acts in the first half…

half way through… well… a little before actually…
lil bit was sound asleep.
i am just glad she got to see sandy & the cute little red headed girl sing!

i’ll admit it… i am not much for musicals… sorry…
but the singing was great.
made me cry.
of course.
what doesn’t.
and the lady that played miss hannigan was HILARIOUS!

and… hopefully if my girls find themselves in a day “that’s gray & lonely”…
they’ll “just stick up their chins and grin”…
and saaaaaaaaaay… “the sun WILL come out tomorrow”.

i’ll have to keep that reminder in my back pocket too…
clever song that is!