brown eyed fox

blank canvas

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yesterday we pulled out some canvas & some paints.
sure is neat to see what they decide to paint.
to see what colors they choose.

they must have been on the same wavelength yesterday…
both doing abodes of some sort.
that or one loved the idea so much and just copied.

i joined in too.
made myself a little stretch reminder.

currently propped right by my sink in the bath.
i’m thinking it might nudge me in the right direction first thing in the morning.
hmmm… first thing in the morning…
come to think of it… might be better propped by our coffee pot!

with another week left before back to school 
we might be pulling the paints out again…
well that… or my hair!
ha ha ha

no really…
i AM looking forward to the week.
still off routine… and i LOVE my routines…
but the week ahead is a BLANK CANVAS…
a canvas we can paint HOWEVER we want!

what about you…
what are you looking forward to “painting” this week?