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mental inventory
in homes with kiddos things are constantly moving aren’t they?

jenn & i captured a bit of that this week.
we have teamed up… can you feel my glee… can you…
for a fun little thing called team-up thursday…
over at mental inventory.

it’s a fun collaboration between megan of mental inventory
and melody aka hip momma & rockin A photography.

each week a new thing to capture.
i’ll capture in the “west”… she’ll capture in the “mid-west”…
ta-da… our diptych is formed!
the best part… what is so neat… i have girlies… she has boys!
and speaking of her cute boys… see the wild one running in the background…

two ARE better than one.
this “dipping” thing should be fun.

now… here’s to a dipping good thursday!