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happy heart

smilingcarissa fox16 Comments

i am over here today… lost in the attic!
and what fun… i just found where she hides the cupcakes!
oh yes i did! 
just had one with my coffee… which was divine!
thanks Rachel!

come take a peek… stop by…
and tell us what makes your heart happy… what makes it leap?

maybe it’s that first sip of coffee in the morning (i know my heart just smiled)?
maybe it’s a good old fashioned phone call from a friend?
is it your honey?
fresh flowers?
what about maybe winning something fun?

i could be sending a flying heart on it’s way to your door.

come on by… say hi…
she is having giveaways all week!

i am going to grab another cup of joe… and run over there myself…
plus i think i could use another cupcake too.

here’s to today…
and may there be many moments where your heart smiles!