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recycle. reduce. reuse

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with a pile of too small or soiled clothes ready to head out the door…
she was ready for her school project.

a recycle and reuse project.
they could come up with whatever they wanted
as long as it was making good use something they might normally toss…
or get rid of.

well… little miss fashionista wanted to make a quilt.
ha ha ha
a quilt!
i love her big dreams & ideas but…
with a mama who doesn’t sew and this being her first real sewing gig…
we took it down a notch.

she made a snuggly… super soft… t-shirt scarf!

school reuse project
we did it!
sewing machine and all!
now if they could just invent a machine that could re-thread itself…
THAT would be great!

by no means are the details perfect but…

i think it turned out perfectly!

as a matter of fact… i am eager to whip one up for myself.
it’s COLD here!

so later this week she gets to present to her teachers… classmates… and parents.
it should be fun to see what all the kiddos came up with.
smart cookies they are!

here’s to today…
a chance to make really good use of our gifts & blessings!