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could be a grilled cheese too

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file cabinet
if gretel… our dog… had gotten in the way… she might have been purged too!

i went on a cleaning out… organizing… “do i REALLY need this”… SPREE!
just one room and it took me all day.
well i say that… i am not quite done yet.
the filing thing!
not even my beloved rojo cabinet can make me do it!
something about it… oh no… do not like.

mind you we just moved here this summer…
i cleaned out before we moved…
but oh my…  it was SO necessary to do it again.
things maybe i THOUGHT i needed to keep.
bye bye!

now if i can just stay on this spree…
i can think of a few other spots that need attention too.

no time for filing (how convenient)…
a few other things on the ‘ol plate.
it’s wednesday!
don’t you love wednesdays… always that get up & go day…
smack dab in the middle of the week.
it’s like the peanut butter & jelly in the middle of the sandwich.
the good stuff.
if we didn’t have it… there’d just be bread.
not good.

the best part of wednesday…
after all the get up & go of the day…
we get to roll right over the OTHER side of that hill…
right on into the weekend!
and i do believe we have a long weekend coming too!

hAppY wednesday yall…
enjoy your pb & j !