brown eyed fox

officially in session!

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school supplies… check!

quick peek in mirror… check!

backpack… check!

baby antelope coming by to wish her a happy day… check!

smile… check!

she is growing TOO fast… check!

but oh SO ready to take on the new year!
lots to learn… lots of fun to be had!

even though this is her third school in three years she faces it like a CHAMP!
i am SO proud of my girl!
SO proud!
she simply amazes me with her WILL…
her ZEST for life…
her EAGERNESS to jump right in!

she not only jumped in with BOTH feet this morning…
she jumped in wearing a big SMILE!

bring on the new school year!

and then there is this little turkey!
my side kick!
on MY laptop and my cell this morning… “excuuuuse me”!
mini me!

i pray i can get her in a preschool program SOON!
haven’t had much luck…
but just know there is a spot just for her somewhere special!

here’s to an awesome monday…
a day plump with all kinds of learning & lots of fun… check!