brown eyed fox


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we’re in!
we’re in!
we’re in the new house!

i can not tell you how GRATEFUL we are feeling right now!

we slept our first night… camp style…
before the movers were to arrive with all our things!
why the heck not we thought!
we were all TOO ready to say goodbye to the hotel!




this little guy even came to welcome us!
oh “hey there”…
as he munched on some WEEDS right outside our house!
i’m telling ya it is SO crazy… they are EVERYWHERE!

we have a BIG weekend!
took them all day to unload yesterday… but it’s DONE… YES…
and this morning we have some un-packers coming to help!

i have a BIG pot of coffee on & it’s time to get busy!
i wish you could SEE my heart right now… it is VERY happy…
as many of you know… unpacking & all that jazz is my FAVORITE thing!
i am a giddy gal at this moment!
big smiles!

here’s to a FULL weekend… and lots of happy hearts!

BIG love & hugs to you ALL!