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bouncing about

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making our way… our rounds about Texas!

and even though we are getting to see lots of our family & friends…
it still seems as though there is never enough time to see EVERYONE!
or never enough time WITH everyone?
you know?
do you ever feel torn like that?
feel bad cause you just can’t fit it all in?
all that you want… thought you could?
well… i AM feeling a bit of that!

as our trip starts to round out…
i need to focus on ALL the great times…
and hold onto the fact that we WILL be back!


the moving van will be pulling up to our home in only NINE days!
oh MY goodness!
i think then we will be OFFICIAL residents of Wyoming!

let the organizing begin… YEEEEEEES!

makes me smile just THINKING about it!
if i HAVE to leave Texas… at least i get to look forward to THAT!

time for us to BOUNCE into the day… take in all the good & really ENJOY! 
hoping your day is packed FULL of high flying fun too!
cheers & BIG hugs!