brown eyed fox

headlights heading south

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hey there… hellooooooo!
i have always loved these talking thing-a-ma-jigs at parks!
too clever!


we are loading up & heading out tomorrow morning!
to the big Lone Star state!
back home… home on the range!
sure to make us ALL feel truly TERRIFIC… oh and HOT!
it is blazing there!
my goodness… ABOVE 100 degrees!
we’ll take it though!

and would you believe my mama is doing it AGAIN!
flying in JUST so she can DRIVE with us!
can you believe that!
feeling VERY thankful!
can’t wait to see her face tomorrow morning…
when we be pick her up at the Denver airport!


it should be QUITE the drive!
i am telling you the ‘ol suv looks like aClampett reenactment!


i think i am going to take a running count of how many times
we’re asked… “are we almost there”?
settle those rears in girlies… it’s going to be a driving doozy!

i am actually looking forward to it!
pretty sites…
someone cool to talk to…
some idle thinking time…
a tin of smokehouse almonds!

here’s to the prize at the end AND to the wild RIDE!
it’s ALL good!
what kind of prizes have you excited lately?