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we're feeling kinda crazy...

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nuts... plain silly... loco en la cabeza... AND oh so blessed!

our house has sold!
and we're in high gear over here!

our closing is June 12th...
and between NOW & THEN we have a trip planned to FIND a house...
and a trip planned to Indiana!
which leaves me TWO days to pack EVERYTHING our family will need over the summer!
not to mention all the things you do NOT want movers to touch OR take!
with our home's contents going into storage until we find a home...
we better set aside what we need NOW!
plus... when we roll back into town next monday...
we will be met by the packers!

my head WAS literally spinning earlier... kid you not!
STILL feeling a bit silly... although i feel CONFIDENT it will ALL be just fine!

and THEN... can i be honest about something?
i am PANICKING about the fact i have NO LAPTOP!
what am i going to do in all this transition time?
how will i blog... visit your blogs... stay in the loop... blah blah blah!
i think i might just go nuts! 
i am SO old school with my desktop... that i WILL add... i so LOVE!
do you think i can cram in time to find a laptop in the next two days too!

before i flee... i just have to say...
to YOU and YOU and YOU!

the love you've shown me...
your kind messages... your fun questions...your heart-warming compliments
have made me smile... and smile LOTS!
i just HOPE you KNOW even though i can't tell you individually right now...
because i'm losing my mind... ha...  
i TRULY treasure ALL of you!

cheers to a happy weekend... and lots of silly fun!