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swinging into summer

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wow... how they help our children grow!


what a school year this has been!
when we moved to Colorado i was SO apprehensive about the whole school thing!
felt horrible about pulling our girls out mid year &
putting them in a WHOLE new environment!

WHAT a blessing this school has been!
we had heard it was the BEST... boy howdy... were they ever RIGHT!
campbell has not only adapted... she has BLOSSOMED!
they have helped her build a STRONG foundation...
one that she will continue to build upon!

at her school this morning... i found myself in tears saying goodbye!

what a GIFT...
what a TRUE blessing!


so... i think this means summer is officially here!


oh GOSH...
am i REALLY ready for all the neighborhood monkeys to start swinging from the chandeliers! 
i better make a run by the wine shop today!

we've got lots of changes... new adventures... fun trips...
GROWTH coming for us this summer...
it's going to be a BIG one!

what have you got up your sleeve for this summer?