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happy friday

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they REALLY are growing! 
should i place one of the steppers on their heads...
maybe it will slow them down a bit? 

we have made several stone steppers over the years...
these were made in June of 2005...
NOW riley's hands & feet fit in Campbell's molds!
she thinks THAT is the coolest thing ever!

i have also been INFORMED it's time to make new ones!
sounds like a good plan to me! 


look at that tiny little hand on the right... that was her hand only four years ago!
sure... i would love to keep them tiny... itty bitty snuggle bugs forever...
it sure is fun seeing them GROW & come into their OWN!
their own little stubborn sassy pants!

aren't you SO excited it's Friday?
me TOO!
soooooo ready!

cheers & here's to a sassy... full of vigor day!
like we say in the car on the way to school on Fridays...

" this is it... the last day of the week...
give it your ALL... BE the best you can be... have FUN! "