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hey there!
it's been a little while! 
i think i needed a mini breather...
not to mention just being emotionally & physically exhausted!

getting our casa ready... staged... cleaned out... de-cluttered... yada yada...
can you hear the little violin playing the saddest little song ever... ha!

personally i adore... oh yes adore to organize...
so really i think this has just been an "emotional" thing!
allowing the move the "settle in"!
all i know...
my faithful boots will fit right in... in Wyoming...
i hear they have some really great rodeos!
i might need some cute chaps... NOT! 

i'll keep yall posted along way... 
might be a bit nervous about all the details...
but CONFIDENT about the GOOD in this move!
one step at a time!

a bright smile in my day last week... picking up my new bright & bold file cabinet! 
took the not so pretty gray cabinet that i purchased
(why don't they make them in better colors anyway)
to an awesome powder coat shop in town... and wah lah...
lipstick red goodness!
much better! 


as much as i like things in their place... filing is for the birds!
maybe this will help a bit!  :)

IMG_8469-1 4-6-09 file cabinet  

red... i love you!
it's true... it does bring excitement!
awe... the little things!

so... here's to a vibrant Tuesday & looking at the bright side of things!
the sun always comes back out...
she has a way of peeking out just when she SHOULD!