brown eyed fox

blowing in

feelingcarissa fox7 Comments

flip flops are quickly becoming "the thing" around here!

it's hard to believe the snow is already gone for this year...
dare i say... for us... i think we didn't get enough!
i know those of you that are STILL thawing out want to slap me!

but Spring is right here...
one more day & we can do the actual welcome dance!

with the days getting warmer... 
i am looking forward to throwing open the windows & the doors 
and letting the wind blow in... blow in and bring new & fresh perspective!

the spirit that Spring brings along when she comes is palatable!  
you not only feel the warmth on your face but you can sense the "new" in the air!
new growth... new life... new possibility!

today... i need a little extra spring in my step!
i feel as though i am walking fast... running sometimes yet...
i'm still a few steps behind! 
this might be one of those roller skates days...
keep those wheels ON & ROLLING!

cheers on this last day of Winter...
there's a new gal in town... her name is Spring and she's bringing us flowers!