brown eyed fox

deepening our roots

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yesterday... some good mama & me... real one on one time...
was exactly what was needed!
campbell wanted to go "scouting"... so she grabbed her camera...
i grabbed mine...
and we headed out to frolic on a nearby trail! 

IMG_4373 looking high... looking low  
looking for the beavers on the bank... we spotted their den
  2-9-11 happiness

IMG_4295-1 well... hello there... we see you

over the bridge... and through the woods... la la la la   

we were convinced there were little woodland fairies living in there

2-9-09 campbell & mama outing speaking of woodland fairies

2-9-09 campbell & mama outing by campbell you & me

IMG_4389 then we heard these flying in...

IMG_4436-1down they landed... to walk on thin ice

IMG_4612 edit that's my girl 

IMG_4283-1 edit  
just for my love of branches
  IMG_4377-1   side by side...  
IMG_4485-1 we had a hopping good time!

looking forward to a new week...
a new opportunity... to intertwine our roots a little more!