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13 on friday the 13th...

smilingcarissa fox13 Comments


thirteen things this morning that have already made me say
"awe... what a great day"...

1. waking up rEsTed... YES
2. cinnamon bun creamer in my cOffee
3. cOffee... PERIOD  

IMG_5008-1 4. fresh snow falling from the sky
5. little bit & her heart footprints 

6. getting soupy (campbell) to school EARLY  
7. riley telling campbell... "i wuv you" this morning over their cheerios breakfast 

IMG_4949-28. a handmade valentine card sitting pretty on my keyboard

9. getting the chance to wear my Merrell snow boots   

10. valentine goodies wrapped & out the door
IMG_4919-1  11. an email in my inbox that brought tears of joy from a long lost friend

12. babysitter confirmed for tomorrow night
13. the simple fact that's it's fRidAy... AND a three day weekend to boot  

so... here's to fRidAy...
and finding more things to add to our "awe... what a great day" list!