brown eyed fox


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i am the one that puts myself in the corner.
puts limitations on what i think i can accomplish.
settles for less than what’s really desired.
procrastinates because of fear.
stays on the safe side.
guards my heart with a tight fist.
controls instead of leaning on faith.

i do all those things and more.

i love what ali said when she said…
”essentially the idea is to choose a word (or let it choose you)
that has the potential to make an impact on your life”.

it looks like this is something she… and many others have done for years.
choosing a word for the new year.
i love the idea.
a pin point… a reminder… a personal campaign of sorts.

after some thought…
i kept coming back to one word.
a word that covers much for me personally.
a word that can even stir up some uneasiness.
”a word that has potential to make an impact on my life”.

i need to… want to… STRETCH.
my comfort zone is nice… but if i never stick my toe out… how will i know?
if i always keep the shell on my back… i will never truly feel.

no one is going to do it for me…
i know that… i do…
i think though with each passing year…
a realization of how important… how true that really is… settles in.

so here i am…
sharing my word.
with a bit of “shoot… i am really putting it out there”…
also with a lot of… eagerness.

i know it will evolve to get more specific… my word… and what it all means…
but the word itself is speaking to me right now… i think “it chose me”.

to me means…
to grow.
to allow for more potential.
to throw caution to the wind sometimes.
to believe.
to push a little more.
to reach higher… reach further.
to hold out my arms wider.
to rise up and out.
to believe.
to open my heart.
to leap even if i do not yet see the landing.

here we are with a whole New Year right under our feet.
a whole new opportunity.
it’s here to embrace… wide open with possibilities.

have you given thought to the New Year?
have you set any goals?
any resolutions?
a focus word maybe?

anything you’ve been wanting to tackle… accomplish… let go of even?
i would love to know.
so as i am STRETCHing…  i can think of all of you too.