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slopes or brushes

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big girly and the boys chose the slopes yesterday.

with all that snow… i think it was a good choice.

laughed when i saw this pic… so funny!
i am always WAY too chicken to get my camera out while on the lift.
big chicken!
something about the whole stability factor while up so darn high.

i must say… it is really neat to have a ski slope in town…
just a twenty minute drive up the mountain and you’re there.

so while they “sloped” it…
lil bit… granma… and i… painted it.

a neat little spot in town with lots of creative outlets.
like a sign in her shop says…
”cheaper than therapy… and a whole lot more fun”… cute!

it was fun!
i have to admit though…
i always get “brain tied”… you know like tongue tied…
there are SO many options… SO many different things you can paint…
i get flustered with all the choices.

it should be neat to see how they turn out once they’re “cooked” in the kiln.
just love how it makes the colors comes alive.

their uncle toby and their granma are headed out.

now what?
do you ever feel a bit of that once your company leaves?
the house seems quieter… well sort of… the kids ARE still here.

i AM looking forward to the rest of this week…
lots planned!
a few things off the top of my head…

catch up all my treasured friend’s blogs… i am missing out on some GOOD STUFF!
and speaking of good stuff… caught this last night… wasn’t even aware of it…
i hope we can still add blogs to that list…
unbelievable all the GREAT ones out there!
amazes me constantly!
i am REALLY looking forward to peeking at those ALL the nominated blogs
and VOTING too!

return emails… way behind… sorry!

get out the paints in the studio for some painting free for all… wheeeee!

ponder my new year’s WORD!
what i want… need… where i want to focus… where i want my heart to BE.

sign up for this… can’t wait!

finish all the pieces i started for her awesome class.

that should at least give me a kick start!
only two days left in 09…
here’s to relaxing & soaking in all those last tasty morsels…
AND jumping high for that finish line!