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our ho ho ho weekend

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oh… we’ve been having a time!

family made it into town just in time for Christmas morning.
my hubby’s mom from Indianapolis and his brother from Belgium.
all i know…
they traveled a long way… to the middle of nowhere… to be with us for Christmas…
we are so lucky… and SO happy to have them with us.

we all had a champagne… mimosa… toast to the big day.

some of us even sang really loud…

and proud…
on the girlie’s new karaoke machine.
thanks uncle toby!  the girlies AND the machine will be going home with you!  :)

there has been quite a bit of snow the last few days.

we did head out yesterday for a bit though…

the boys… and me… i was there too!  :)

today… the sun came out…

it was SO pretty!

with the perfect weather… fresh fallen snow… and a ski slope in town…
the boys headed out for a little skiing.

the girlies stayed behind… and had quite the relaxing day.

i sure hope your Christmas weekend has been special too.
that it has been filled with all the gifts you wanted.
the best kind… you know the ones…
the kind that make your HEART happy… make you SMILE… make it ALL worth it!

for me…
though the mashed potatoes & gravy were delish…
i think i will remember for a long time their FACES.
their expressions.
their joy.
the BEST gift for sure and always my favorite part.

going to try to hang onto the spirit a bit longer…
not quite ready to take the tinsel down just yet.
i think i could use a little extra time to see those lights twinkle…
feel the magic in the air…
enjoy another piece of pie…
and just treasure all the gifts around us.