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awe… the scent of pine

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it’s here… it’s here.
that wonderful scent that tickles the senses.
yet another hint that Christmas is upon us!

as i brushed by the carolers last night… a gift from my sister many years back…
there was that scent… there to surprise me in the quiet of the night.

and speaking of carolers… is there anything better… than carolers at your door?
a surprise rush of Christmas spirit like no other!
and a sure way to put me into a crying spell.
like a baby!

the girlies have already started making us cards…
and placing them in our stockings.
can’t wait to see what they created.

and look at these so fun vintage glass ornaments sprinkled around my lulette!
i was lucky enough to be paired up with the awesomely creative cathe
for the ornament swap  at pampering beki.
cathe has a site… just something i made
and WOW… big wow… her creativity knocks my socks off…
trust me… yours will be knocked off too!

i adore their the color… so dreamy!
and then look at the little tree she gave me also…
suddenly my little wooden shoe has the spirit too.

every year the girls get a silver bell from their gran-mama.
a tradition and gift they always look forward to receiving.

we lit our first smoker of the season the other night…
a tradition i always look forward to sparking!

after many years of using a remnant of burlap… for our tree skirt…
because i can’t sew worth a whip…
i nearly feel out of my chair when i saw this tree skirt!
made from old coffee bean bags… it screams “so me”!
she even has burlap stockings… they tempted me… BIG!

this is where we spend a lot of our time… our downstairs family room.
and it now has a merry Christmas swag… that wonderful burlap again…
isn’t it so fun!
oh my goodness… she has oodles of burlap goodness in her shop too.
talk about tempting me BIG!

nuts… yes… but campbell and i made Christmas ties for the foxes!
after all… they needed a little SOMETHING!

she always gets festive baubles.

that scent of pine again…

our little tree in a bucket downstairs.

dirty laundry ornaments_2
has the most clever ornaments from beth… i adore them all!
we did a swap… my first actually… it was SO fun!
she liked something i made… i liked lots of things she made… so we swapped!

i think our home is dressed for the occasion…
it’s about time i get dressed this morning!
there are presents to wrap…
boxes to ship…
grocery shopping to be done…
a house to be cleaned (the mess is BIG)…
dinners to be planned…
little reindeer girlies to be entertained.

so here’s to monday!
and here’s to embracing ALL the sites… sounds… and scents of today!