brown eyed fox


believingcarissa fox21 Comments

she got to hold him last night.
jack that is…
our elf on the shelf.

i could SEE their little minds working as we read the story…
wonder… it was!

as we set him up on the mantel…
the questions began!

can i just say… SO fun!

”is he really real?”
”how does he get to the north pole?”
”is he watching me?”
”will his eyes move?”
”does he know when i go to sleep?”
”is he REALLY real?”

as lil bit began to dance around…
”can he see me RIGHT NOW?”

oh… i love it!

we woke up this morning to find him helping himself to some cheerios!

the wonder in their eyes again!

do yall have an elf too?
what’s your elf’s name?
i saw that you can now get skirts for your elf… what…
my girlies see THAT… jack will quickly become jackie!

cheers to wednesday… AND that great little thing called wonder!