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the queso was good too

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we set out two days ago in this.
really cold… really snowy… really icy……… really a mess.

the “oh MY gosh Lord please get us through this” kind of drive!

there were MINUTES in our driving where you could not SEE a thing!
kid you not!
”so thaaaaaaaat’s what they mean by blowing snow”… i thought to myself.

there were cars… oodles of them… sliding right off the road.
NO ONE can drive on ice… just one of those things.

we hit a few patches here & there… where our truck slid from side to side…
SCARY… yes!

but we made it to the Denver airport just in time!

after some de-icing of the plane… we were off!

it was a really relaxing flight for all of us i think.
a moment to catch our breath… look forward to all the fun…
and be thankful He was in control the whole time.

we’re in Houston!
left a dry below zero climate and landed in a humid 73 degree delight!
yes… my hair frizzed immediately… but my skin was singing!

a few tidbits…
currently we’re playing & staying at my ultra talented cousin libbye’s house…
SO fun!

last night we went to dinner at Lupe Tortilla
was SO excited… been seriously missing REAL mexican food…
well ANY for that matter!
walked into the restaurant to find my uncle… my aunt… and my mom!
my mom doesn’t even live in Houston… but drove in just to see us!
the best dinner EVER… a table FULL of people we love dearly!

today i got a mani AND a pedi… NEVER HAPPENS!

my baby brother is getting married in two days!

there is so much fun planned for the rest of this week… i just might pop!

BIG hugs to you ALL!
sure hope the rest of your week is FULL of fun too!