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little flea

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well… it wasn’t exactly Canton… but it was still fun!

got up on saturday… grabbed a quick joe and headed to the flea.
teeny tiny flea it was.
oh my!
i actually don’t think i’ve ever been to one so small.

i made a quick run through… seeing what i could see…
hoping for some BIG items…
some neat furniture finds…
not this time.

but i did find a few things that i think will be neat!
a sifter for fresh flowers.

an old bucket… i love how you can still see the old label. 
she’ll be filled with many things i’m sure
from umbrellas to wrapping paper to plants.

i adore this red metal box… ADORE!
i have a THING for metal boxes… boxes… i love them!
they can hold all kinds of goodies… i think it’s just the IDEA of them though…
you never know what you might find INSIDE a box!

and then the most fun of all…
an old milking stool!
anyone have a cow or two i could borrow?

they played school with it this weekend… so funny… why not!
i think it will make a perfect little handy stepping stool for the kitchen!

i might not have found the the perfect furniture pieces…
but i think i found some perfectly FUN pieces!

i better be like a flea and get hopping!
here’s to Monday…
BIG week…
filled with BIG possibilities… BIG hopes… BIG leaps!