brown eyed fox

thanks honey bunnies

feelingcarissa fox8 Comments

there are mornings you just need a little love.

when things didn’t go so well in the mayhem of the “get to school” rush.
when you felt like you could burst into tears.
when you go to the gym and IT kicks your butt instead of YOU kicking it.
when you just don’t feel yourself.
when you feel overwhelmed by the mess in the house.
when you feel a bit let down.

there are little things…
super simple little things…
that can bring a smile!

i reached in to grab a handful…
and i had forgotten that there are little bits of love scattered throughout the box.

i know… SILLY…
but sometimes it IS the little things that can reach out and bring you a smile!

i hope…
there are MANY little things throughout your day that jump out
and bring YOU a smile too!