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first gift

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is the day when bloggers everywhere are joining together in a campaign to buy
WATER for Christmas.

IMG_3373 IMG_3209
CLEAN water!

as i was reminded again last night
by those tiny wet footprints fresh out of the BATH…
we… are truly BLESSED.

those footprints represent so many children…
that today need clean water to simply SURVIVE.
4500 mothers bury their children EVERY DAY due to contaminated water.
not by choice… they simply do not have access to clean water like we do.

today... November 13... 
is a chance to do a small part…
by buying clean water
clean life saving water.

being able to give today… to such an important cause
is A PART…  ONE WAY… of sharing in the blessings that we have been given.

and let me say… it feels good knowing… 
with all the hustle & bustle of the season settling in…
all the worry of “did i get the right thing” for this or that person…
the first gift we purchased…
it WAS the RIGHT gift… the perfect GIFT!

i am just glad that Meg shined a light on Jody and her beautiful mission.
there are SO many great causes… SO many ways that we can show God’s love.
i just knew for me… this was ONE way to reach out from my mommy box
and do a little SOMETHING… right NOW!

$10 will provide one person in Africa clean water for 10 years!
that’s two gingerbread lattes!

i clicked on that link below and made sure to get our FIRST GIFT wrapped!
a simple… yet LIFE GIVING gift.

want your FIRST GIFT to be WATER too?

click the photo below…
it’ll take you to the secure donation site of the highly recognized,
non-profit charity: water.   
all donations are tax deductible.
100% of the profit goes directly to clean water solutions in west Africa.

make sure to click on the beautiful water pics at the top…
they are from Jody Lander.
wow… what a spirit she has…
you’ll love seeing the GIFT in action through her eyes.

and BTW… by all means… copy… link… tell… post on your blog…

we’re all in this together…
together… we CAN reach out… and wrap some CLEAN WATER for CHRISTMAS!