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for the girlies... pancakes for mommy... eggs for daddy!
we all had different cravings this morning!
after eating the pancakes... i thought to myself... "ugh i should've had eggs"!


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i am curious today about something...

something that tends to roll around every so often for me.
usually tends to be when i feel overwhelmed... weary... or just plain confused.

do you ever wonder if you are on the RIGHT path?
doing what you SHOULD be doing?
there are times when i feel like i am flying by the seat of my pants.

i kind of get FROZEN!
there are SO many things... DIFFERENT things that need attention.
i get to where i don't even know WHERE in the world to start...
"JUST STARTING"... can seem too much...
between it all... sometimes it feels like something's got to give...
WHAT is that something?
being a freak of an A TYPE person... i don't want to let ANYTHING go!

when things get this way... off kilter... i feel like maybe there is a REASON...
maybe there IS too much on my plate.

so much passion INSIDE... wanting to get out... but it gets SQUASHED...
squashed by important AND unimportant things.

is this a sign... is HE trying to tell me something?
or is this normal hubbub?

you wonder...
do other people feel this way too?

do you EVER feel like you have too much enchilada on your plate?
do you find your head spins ALL THE WAY AROUND sometimes?
do you think you are on the RIGHT... meandering it can be... path?