brown eyed fox

a bucking good time...

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at the rodeo!

Nonny & Poppy (my dad & step-mom)
were in town from Bulverde TX...
so what better than to go see some
good 'ol boy fun
on a Saturday afternoon!
make sure to click & enlarge...
i think they're better bigger!

her pink boots... a must

Nonny & Riley

all american kiddo

perfect setting

hold on cowboy

"did you see that guy's chaps"

"where are the cowgirls"

giddy up horsey


bull riding

saddle broncing

miss priss

bareback broncing

  calf roping


get off of me

big 'ol bull

cuter than the calves

run little one... run

Nonny & Poppy
just headed out...
sooooo hard to see them leave...
to say goodbye...

ugh... I just hate being so far
away from my family!

i miss the good 'ol state of Texas...
i miss being a (reasonable) car drive away...
i miss them so!


Now... to hold onto
all the laughs we just shared...

until we get to see them again!


Mighty God...
keep them safe...
angels surround them...
Your grace be upon them...
as they travel back home!