brown eyed fox

way back... wednesday

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do you see our cat in the dress?
not only would she let us dress her up...
that is a baby stroller she is in!
Cinnamon was the best!

I think if we could find a cat like that
today... that went potty outdoors...
we'd get one! Is there such a cat? :)


I'm loving the shirt i was wearing...
"this shirt stops at all cookie jars"...
cute... but really back then my
treat of choice was probably a star crunch
or a snack bag of funyuns! :)
We were suckers for those variety packs
of bagged chips! At the end...
the plain Ruffles were always still
there in the box!

So here's to a fun & flavorful day!

A day full of spice & zest...
kind of like a bag of nacho cheese Doritos!
I know... I've lost my mind!