brown eyed fox

2 little wild monkeys

capturingcarissa fox6 Comments


yesterday was a bit of a blur!


Jumping on the bed... before bed...
does make their hair dry faster! :)

It was over 100 degrees and we were
out & about running errands yesterday!

Target was nuts...
i think every mom in town decided
on the same day to go get school supplies!
It was actually fun in a crazy kind of way.
I did have to ask another mom what a
"steno pad" was... I had no idea!
Do you have a hard time letting your
kids pick the folders/notebooks they want?
i want her to pick what i think is cute!
I'm SO bad!
I'm all about steering her away from the
kittens & onto the polka dots & stripes!
bad mama!


So... here's to a super Tuesday!
I'm off to chase down my little monkeys!