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yesterday i mentioned that i was
doing something out of my comfort zone.


yall are really gonna think i'm nuts now!

like i said...
it was NOTHING by any means
crazy... unusual...
for ME this is BIG!
i thought i was going to vomit!


i joined a flipping gym!

but not only did i join a gym...
i hired a super cute... ultra fit...
sure to kick my butt... personal trainer!


i know you are thinking L-O-S-E-R...
what is the big deal?
i DON'T do gyms...
i mean gyms make me nervous!
i am the type of person that has a
hard time going for a walk in the
neighborhood... THAT embarrasses me!
Like everyone is lurking through their windows
to see this out of shape chick stubble down
the street... RIGHT! pleeeease!
i KNOW that is NOT the case!
i SO know that!

yesterday was my first meeting...
i thought i was going to PASS OUT...
serious as can be!

Just walking IN the place nearly
sent me in a panic attack!
I really have no idea what it is...
where this comes from.

all i know... i have committed myself...
forked over the cash-ola...
to train with her three times a week
for three months...
i BETTER do it!

this is something i would NEVER do!

but as they say... desperate times
call for desperate measures...
and my butt is dEsPeRatE!
this move... yah... i'm blaming it on
the move :)... has put ten pounds where
ten pounds can NOT be!
and frankly i just don't FEEL good about
myself at all!

so even though i could barely PUSH
the door open leaving the gym yesterday...
i WILL go back!
i HAVE to!
i have let everything come before me
and what i need... the buck STARTS here!
this will be the FIRST of many...
stepping out of my comfort zone...
things i tackle!
i think it will help me be a better
mama & wife... because i will FEEL
so much better about ME!

So... no... not a big deal... not big news...
BuT for me a BIG step!

oh... btw... look at what hubby
brought home for me after a business dinner
see... desperate!