brown eyed fox

my itch...

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now with one kiddo back in school...
i am itching!
itching to get things back in order...
back in their place...
back to somewhat of a routine!


This piece arrived while we were away in
Texas... let me say... i LOVE it!
I am kind of cuckoo when it comes to
organization... things being in "their" spot...
i think this is just what was needed.

Pretty soon it will be oVeRflowinG
with hats & gloves & scarves...
all that crazy winter stuff!
Our mudroom can get totally & completely
out of control FAST... hoping this will help!

our doggie gretel even has a basket

even holds my gargantuan 1.5 liter h2O bottles

a pet peeve... spare change in random places

are there ever enough hooks... NO

So since i'm itching...
i plan to "scratch" a lot this week!
closets beware...
here i come again!

what are you itching to do?