brown eyed fox

super glue

carissa fox12 Comments

She had a tutu on her head & a baton in her hand...
when "bump"! She hit the dining room table. hard!
This is our tough cookie...
always gets up & dusts herself off!
Running over there I see that she has a really deep
cut above her eye... immediately I know it means
a trip to the emergency room!

We throw ourselves in the car & head out...
had to call hubbie... didn't even know how to get
to the hospital... I know... crazy!

Now mind you by the time we are there
she is laughing!
She doesn't like the fact that there is
blood on her hands
(she can't stand her hands to be dirty)
but she takes it all in stride!

First let me add... yes... I had my camera...
I'm nuts about keeping it in my bag...
to not forget it when we head out... cuckoo!

After she gets her face cleaned &
a doctor takes a look... he decides to go with
"super glue"! Dermabond to be exact!
The eye area heals well and it beats
having to get stitches!

So... the doc glued her gash & all was good!

We thought it would be fun for her to chose
what SHE wanted for dinner...
ready for this... she picks...
Oh yes... that's my daughter...
going for the best!

This is little buttercup this morning!
Happy as all get out!
She might get a bit of a shiner
but she says she likes the idea of
looking like a cute raccoon!
I love this little squirt!

So... here's to Thursday!
You never know what the day may hold!
I just thank God that HE holds our day &
with HIM all will be good!