brown eyed fox

e i e i o

carissa fox4 Comments

Quiet day around the fox den yesterday.
One of those days where you just
let the day take it's own shape.
Let the kids run wild and
worry about the mounting mess later.
So guess what I'll be doing today! :)

Took a quick pic last night...
we couldn't get over the sunset... the things HE creates!
We just sat there and bathed in it!

So... hello Friday! Tell me did this week fly by or what?!?!
Our county's fair is this weekend...
so I suppose this pack be seeing some swine &
having a squealing good time! oink

Here's to a...





high flying


flip flop wearing...

kind of day!
Oh wait... one question.
If there will be animals at the fair... there will be poop...
should I be wearing my boots to this fair thing?