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texas treat

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Just a bit from our trip south. Our time was full! Full of family... friends... fun! I just wish I would have captured more with my camera. Like I mentioned yesterday... it is a time in my life that I will always remember CLEARLY. This last month held memories for me that are simply too difficult to convey into words. Moments so raw & so special that I still feel them in my throat. Laughter so deep that my side still hurts! I was reminded yet again what an incredible family & super set of friends we have! We have our nuts (i might be one)... but we sure know how to love & have some good fun!

my mama...
remember... she flew to CO just to make the drive to TX with us
i love you!

Riverhill in Kerrville
our ballerina collecting golf balls

loads of swimming at the club

lots of reminiscing with family
my cousin (more like a sister)... uh where is her cute face... oops

she may be three but still happy using a baby float

i thought she was going to turn into a fish or maybe a raisin

at my dad's in Bulverde TX
she went down the slide 39 times... oh yes she kept count!

at the Floyd's beach house, Galveston

one fish... two fish... red fish

we all got lots of rest & relaxation

for some reason I love this picture...
taken from the deck while playing password with friends...

Sophi... Jill... and Ruth Ann

Just a hint of all the good!
Now... to get my feet back on the ground!
My focus right now is just getting back in the swing of things!

Happy Tuesday! :)