brown eyed fox

"well done my child"...

carissa fox32 Comments

... the words,
I have no doubt, she heard entering the gates of Heaven!

My gran-mama died on June 17th... two weeks as of yesterday.
Still shaking my head
and grabbing at my heart not believing it is real.
Selfishness still lingering... wanting to keep her here with us.
Thoughts of knowing we will see her again one day... brings comfort.

What a FULL life! FULL of zest! FULL of love!
Certainly the most vibrant... colorful... faithful...
proud... confident... woman I have ever known!

She taught me so many things...
to always believe in the power & promise that lies within us
stand tall & face things head on
to always try something once... "why not"
put God first & everything else will fall into place

I will... we all will... miss her terribly!
HER light made US brighter!

Right now... we all know whose she is & where she is...
those gates... they did open WIDE!
We are just human though... we want her with us!

May we now hold on tight to...
the gifts she gave us...
the love she rooted so deeply within us...
the incredible family she made us...

we ARE blessed!

always beautiful

gran-mama & gran-Tom... always dancing

we were all there to hold her hand

fushia rose by her bed

taken May of this year... her last cruise

We love you gran-mama! Thank you for loving us!
We were SO lucky God granted us YOU!