brown eyed fox

like a pretty song...

carissa fox7 Comments

our weekend at home!
Loads of little girl squeals and thrills!
The weather was like a pretty postcard!
Chilly at night and early morning then simply
perfect 70's during the day!
awe! Some of Colorado's finer points for sure!
We played lots... relaxed lots and spent time
thanking God for our many gifts & blessings.
HE was all around us!

to have just a pinch of their bounding energy

the girls gave us a concert saturday night

toot toot

a true gift... taking in our back patio view of Mt Garfield

we even took some time to just BE.

Big week at our feet... she is here right in front of us...
greeting us with a smile & hoping
we accept her with open arms!
All I know... my arms are wide open & FULL!
There are many... oodles & oodles actually...
of loose ends to tie before our big trip to Texas!
I hear it's HOT there! Like my dad would say...
"so dipping hot"!
That's okay... I am just looking forward to BIG Texas hugs
from all our family & friends!

Happy day to you!
I hope it plays out just like you want!