brown eyed fox

on the wings of an angel...

carissa fox25 Comments

My mother is the most incredible... the most giving woman! She is on a flight right now to get to us girls! Once she gets here we are loading up in my vehicle and headed to Texas! Yup... she did not want us driving by ourselves! THAT is a my mom! It's a quite drive... we will have plenty of time to share... talk... and just BE together.

We are on our way to see my granmama. "I look forward to holding your hand!"
"We love you!" smooch!

May the wind be behind our backs... may our path be clear & bright... may the kids be charming & content... may the potty stops be limited... may we get there in a flash! Thank you Lord for lighting our path & leading the way!

I look forward to sharing more once we arrive in glorious Texas! love!!!!